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Welcome to the Clonmacken Cub Scout Pack!

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Cub Scouts range from 9 to 11 years of age. The Cub Scout Adventure is full of fun and exploration. We are all about finding out about new things and new ways of having fun. We learn to become more responsible because we want to do more things like go on longer camps and lead activities. Cub Scouts are organised into small groups called a Six and guess what, there are 6 Cub Scouts in  them! The Sixes are collected together in what we call a  six

Cubs meet every Tuesday in the scout hall but that’s only half the story! About once a month, the pack goes hiking, swimming, camping, to the cinema or wherever you wanna go! That the cool thing about Cubs, you help decide what the pack does and when now where else will you get that kinda input!

There are currently 22 cubs and 5 scouters:

  • Mike O’Halloran (Section Leader)
  • Mary Geary
  • Ger Quigley
  • Claire Walsh
  • Ashley Lally
  • Ciara Egan

In  The Cubs so far this year we have done the following

  • Sleepover/Bowling Night
  • Weekend Broadford
  • Investiture
  • County Cub Challange Day
  • Carol Singing City Home
  • Xmas Party.



4 comments on “Cub Scouts

  1. Hello just checking the age that a child can join. i can see it says 9 to 11 I’ve a 6year old son who’s 7 on October 3 is he to young
    Thanks Nicola Moran

    • Nicola
      Will you please bring him up to the Scout Hall on this Monday Feb 10 at 7pm and we will talk to you and him and give you a form to fill out.

  2. Hi my son is 9 years old, he is interested in joining caherdavin cubs, how do i arrange this , is there a contact number,

    Tanya Naughton

    • Hi Tanya
      Not sure if i contacted you before about your child joining cubs.If you are still interested call me anyday after 2pm on 0872392429.
      If I have been in contact with you about september will you please just text me so i can contact you again in September.
      Also put down your sons name and DOB
      Mike O Halloran

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