Fiontar is the Venture Scout Award Scheme. There are two awards – SUAS (Up) and TRASNA (Across). It involves Venture Scouts taking part in personal and group projects based on each of the 36 learning objectivies. SUAS is about active participation. Venture Scouts should take an active role in 18 projects (based on 18 of the learning objectivies). This should take 18 months to complete. After SUAS, Venture Scouts should take 2-3 to review their progress and work on other areas of the programme. The second phase is TRASNA. During this phase, the Venture Scouts should take on a Team Leader role for a further 18 projects (based on the remaining 18 learning objectivies).

These projects can be anything from running  a hike to organising a major service project abroad. You could work on an individual project or work with Venture Scouts from your Group, County, Province, a different part of Ireland or another country. The project could last an hour, a day, a week or a month. The choice is up to you! The only rule is that it should challenge you to better yourself. Here are some ideas:

In addition to Fiontar, Venture Scouts can also work on their Adventure Skills, Special Interest Badges or their Chief Scout Award.


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