Terra Nova

Guide to Weekly Resources

Section 1: Yourself    

Your Interests:

Patrol Presentation of an Interest

Tom Crean Story

Promise & Law

Promise and Law in daily life 

Promise & Law  One World Week 2013

Scouting Knowledge: 

Section 2: Patrol & Troop

Patrol Involvement:

Patrol and Troop Activities 

Bivvy Shelter  Backwoods: Latvian Fire Log and Bucksaw 

3 Pole Challenge   Ten Minute Tower  Monkey Bridge

Geocaching  Mountain Biking

Photo Safari   Night Hike & Navigation  Rubbish Bag Challenge

Scouts’ Own

Section 3: Citizenship


Natural Disaster


Peace Light

Section 4: Skills

Bivvy Shelter  Map and Compass

Catapults   Ten Minute Tower

Bronze Helmsman 1 Badge

 Cook Book 

Skills Cards:

Camping: CookingFire Lighting & Burning Wood, Pitching a Lightweight Tent  and an Icelandic Tent

Using a Hand AxeSaw & Pen Knife

Hillwalking: Route CardPacking a RucksackPacing

Pioneering: Knots Rope: Types & Parts

Emergencies: Treating BleedingTreating BurnsTreating a FractureTreating SprainsTreating Breathing Difficulties & Building a Stretcher 

Water Skills: Assessing Wind SpeedAvoiding Obstacles (Daylight), & Whipping Rope

Communications:  SemaphoreMorse Code & Ground-to-Air Emergency Signals



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