Scout Resources

Here are a few resources scouts might find useful

General Scouting


Camping Skills




All questions to The 23rd Limerick Scout Group is not responsible for external content


2 comments on “Scout Resources

  1. Hello
    We are looking around too see availability of a scout den on the dates of 6th/8th February 2015. We are doing a urban weekend and hoping to do a bit of pioneering on the Saturday also. I am hoping that your scout hall would be free. Could you please come back to me with prices and advailibilty. Also what amenitys u have in the hall. Such as projector and slaves and maybe if one of your scouts/ scouters could come down and say hi.
    I await your reply.
    Yours in scouting
    Peter Neville

    • Peter
      Sorry for only getting back to you now but I was out of the country for 3 weeks.Yes the hall is available those dates.My number is 0872392429 if u wish to contact me

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