Special Interest Badges

Any subject or interest can be used to develop a Special Interest Badge. There are five Special Interest Badge areas:

  • Skills – This can be any new personal skill e.g. technical, mechanical, music, drama, arts & crafts
  • Adventure – This should be an adventure journey that includes something completely new i.e. a new location, new method of travel, etc
  • Physical –  This can include any physical pursuit, activity or sport
  • Community – Being involved in your community. This could be a service type project and you should create a plan that outlines what you will do and who will benefit.
  • Environment – This can be any project that improves the environment in any way.

Whatever subject or interest you pick must be linked to one of the Special Interest Badge areas. A Scout may achieve recognition for the same Special Interest Badge Area up to three times in any one Section. You are awarded the badge the first time you do a Special Interest Badge and a ‘bar’ for each of the others in this Special Interest Badge area. You have to chance to do 15 badges in each Section. The Scout keeps a badge until it is replaced by an equivalent in the next Section.

Creating your Special Interest Badge

  • Step 1 – Pick your subject or interest
  • Step 2 – Decide what Special Interest Area your subject or interest falls into.
  • Step 3 – Design your challenge in consultation with your Scouter or Mentor
  • Step 4 – Complete the challenge in agreed time
  • Step 5 – Wear the badge with pride

The Challenge
When designing your badge it should:

  • Challenge you to learn new skills or develop existing ones
  • Help to increase your knowledge of the particular area
  • Contain a practical element which will benefit others.

A template is provided to allow you to set out your plan, which Personal Challenges you can undertake during the Special Interest Badge and to help you look back at what you have achieved. Links to Template:

Beavers* Cubs * Scouts * Ventures * Rovers

You can use another method to document your Special Interest Badge e.g. poster, diary, email, social networking website etc.


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