Welcome to the Hillwalking Adventure Skill. The nine stages of the Hill Walking Adventure Skills Badge, are designed to take a scout in progressive stages from their first footsteps hiking in the outdoors, right up to the level of qualified mountain leader, with winter mountaineering and altitude experience.

Scouting Ireland is being supported in the introduction of this scheme by Mountaineering Ireland (www.mountaineering.ie) the National Governing Body for Mountain Sports on the Island of Ireland. The  adventure skills badge is designed to dove-tail into the Mountain Leader Training Board ‘Mountain skills’ award post achieving level 7, and then to parallel develop the scouts personal experience through levels 8 and 9 of the adventure skills badge and their leadership experience through the Mountain Leader Training Scheme.

The Hillwalking Adventure badge stage  are much broader then any previous Hiking and Hillwalking Badges and incorporate 9 major elements, some or all of which are examined at each stage.

  1. Navigation Ability
  2. Mountain Camping
  3. Food & Nutrition
  4. Mountain Weather
  5. Gear & Equipment
  6. Emergency Situations & First Aid
  7. Leave No Trace
  8. Log Book of all activities
  9. Taking responsibility for a ‘leg’, hike, overnight, weekend or Expedition depending on the stage that you are at

At stages 8 & 9 this is expanded to include

  • Steep Ground
  • Winter Mountaineering
  • Mountaineering at Altitude
  • Safety & Assessment

Hillwalking Resources


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