Explorer Belt

The Explorer Belt is the ultimate National Event for Rover Scouts (formely Venture Scouts) and no other prise is regarded as highly as the simple brown leather belt with its compass point buckle that is awarded to successful participants. The Belt is a 10 day expedition that takes place in July of each year in continental Europe. Rover Scouts take part in teams of two, and over the course of the 10 days they must cover 200km’s by foot while completing a number of projects along the way. Not only this, but they must survive on a tiny budget which requires them to rely on the generosity of people they meet en route.

The expedition begins with teams being dropped off at an unknown location. Each team is handed a sealed envelope which contains their project instructions, budget money, mobile phone, base camp location and maps. After this they are left on their own and they have to work out a plan to get themselves to the base camp location while completing all the required projects along the way.   When the teams eventually arrive at base camp they can enjoy a couple of days of well earned relaxation. During this time assessments of the projects and log books take place. These are followed up by team interviews to determine that all requirements of the Belt were competed. On the last night a formal meal takes place, at the end of which the successful teams are awarded their Belts.  

The Belt is an incredible experience which will be different for every team that takes part. But no matter how difficult the challenge, the Belt will provide memories that will last long into the future. Over the year’s several of our Venture Scouts and Rover Scouts achieve the Explorer Belt:

Cathal Galligan 1988 Italy
Don Vaughan 1988 Italy
Eamonn Kenihan 1994 Scotland
Philip Stack 1994 Scotland
Sean Sheehan 1994 Scotland
Shane Riordan 1994 Scotland
Trevor Connolly 1996 Wales
Bryan Tobin 1996 Wales
Eoin Shinnors 1997 Slovenia
John Harrison 1997 Slovenia
Padraig O Ruairc 2000 Czech Republic
Joseph Laffen 2001 Italy
Paul McNamara 2001 Italy
Barry Kennedy 2007 Poland

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