Cub Work

Cub News Sixes Cub Work Badge Positions

know the main principles of “Leave No Trace”

know what personal equipment to bring on an overnight camping event.

know what food to bring on an overnight camping event/hike

know how to obtain a weather forecast.

know what is needed for building shelters and bivvys.

know what should be in a basic survival kit.

know what a Buoyancy Aid is for and the importance of it.

know basic First Aid. Be able to treat minor cuts and burns and know how to put someone in the recovery(safe airway) position.

know the different emergency services that are available and how to call them.

know the causes of, and how to recognize and treat Hyperthermia, sunstroke, dehydration and any medical condition relevant to their team.

know how to read, draw and follow a simple map.


know how to set a map by features.


know how to set a map using a compass.


be able to use a compass to find direction.


know common tracking signs.

know what equipment is needed to make simple pioneering gadgets and understand the basic principles of designing pioneering structures.


be able to make simple gadgets using elastic band techniques.


be able to tie basic knots needed for simple pioneering projects

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