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St Patricks Day Parade Details

Dear Parents
For all of those taking part in the St Patricks Day Parade with us in Caherdavin Scouts
please note that we will all meet up at the gates of Sarsfield Barracks on 17th March
between 11:15am and 11:30am.  It is essential that you actually meet up with your sons
Leaders as there will be lots of groups milling around and Leaders need to be made
aware that your son is present.  Full uniform is required to take part in the Parade so extra layers
should be worn underneath same.
The pick up point after the parade is in front of the Civic Buildings and you may have to
access this from Nicholas Street so please follow the parade stewards directions.
We cannot say what time the boys will arrive at the Civic Buildings so you will either have to
follow the parade down or be waiting there for us to arrive.
In the past Leaders have had to wait around for long periods of time for parents
to arrive to collect the boys and this is not acceptable.
Leaders have their own children and lives to organise and this must be respected.
If you have any queries please contact your sons Leaders who will be happy to answer your questions.
Des McKeown – Group Leader
Group Leader Des Mc Keown 087-2077670
Group Secretary Catherine Clancy 087-2075410

Important Scout/Venturer Parents Meeting

A very important meeting for parents of our Scouts & Venturers will take place on WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY  12th at 8pm.

This meeting is to give you details about the Scotland Summer Camp in August.It is vital that a parent attends this meeting.

If you are unable to attend please contact Leader Mark Hempenstall ASAP for details about trip

40th Year Celebration Dance Details

23rd Limk fb logo 20may2013

Dear Parents

Caherdavin Scout Group is 40 years old this year and to celebrate this occasion we are holding a Dance at Na Piarsaigh Clubhouse on Saturday 9th November.  There will be a Band followed by a Disco and finger food will be served.  We invite all past and present Scouters, parents and anyone who had anything to do with the Group to come along and celebrate with us.

Tickets will shortly go on sale for this event at a cost of €10 each and can be purchased at any section meeting or by contacting any committee member/leader or our Group Leader.

Please help us to make this night a night to remember for the Group.

Yours in Scouting

Des McKeown

Section Leader

Group Leader    Des McKeown                   087 2077670

Group Sec           Catherine Clancy              087 2075410



Scout Hike – Jan 19th

The first Scout activity of 2013 will be a day hike up Keeper Hill (694m) in North Tipperary. We’re meeting at the carpark of keeper hill at 11am on Saturday January 19th. Scouts are to arrange their own transport to and from the event.

Scouts need to bring the following (as discussed at this week’s meeting):

  • Food & Water
  • Boots
  • Socks
  • Warm Clothes (plus a spare change to be left in the car)
  • Raincoat & Overtrousers
  • Rucksack
  • Head Torch

This is a good hike, suitable for beginners. Remember every hike counts towards completing your Hillwalking Stage 4 badge.
More details will be available at next week’s meeting


Dates for section re-openings 2013

Dates for section re-openings 2013:

Section Date Time Email
Beavers Monday 7th January (Today) 7-8.30
Cubs Tuesday 15th January (Next Week) 7-8.30
Scouts/Ventures/Rovers Wednesday 9th January  (This Week) 7.30-9

Please contact your son’s section scouters for more details or email

Explorer Belt 2013

Below is the information for this year’s Explorer Belt 2013, for more information contact the National Events Team on

Date:   29 Jun – 14 July 2013

Location:   The Basque Region – Europe

Booking Code   13-NE-272

Closing Date:  7th Feb 2013

Participantion Fee € 800


The Basque region is in the western Pyrenees that spans the border between France and Spain on the Atlantic coast


The Scouting Ireland 2013 Explorer Belt will be based in The Basque Region. As well as being a physical, mental and personal challenge, the aim of the Explorer Belt is to get to know different cultures.


Members of the Expedition Team are currently revising the manual “How to get the most out of YOUR Explorer Belt”, this booklet will be distributed to all applicants following registration.


The basic elements of the Scouting Ireland 2013 Explorer Belt are as follows


1.     Ten to twelve days of traveling covering a minimum of 300km of countryside through towns and villages

2.     200km must take place by hiking, and an additional 100km may be  traveled using certified public transport

3.     Keeping a log of your journey and experiences

4.     Completing a number of compulsory projects and challenges assigned to you by the Expedition Team

5.     Living on a limited budget


The way in which you carry out these challenges is as important as completing them.


Over the course of the 2013 Explorer Belt you and your team mate must do your personal best and demonstrate that you have done so through the Scouting Method and in line with the Scout Law & Scout Promise.


The destination you will not know what area until you arrive. You will however be given further detail of the destination at the time of the Compulsory Training Weekend [Easter Weekend] (Venue will be confirmed upon receipt of applications).  Once in the country, you and your partner will have ten – twelve days to reach base camp from your drop-off point while completing the necessary elements of the challenge.


A comprehensive training programme will be provided in which you must partake [failure to partake will result in you not being permitted to take part in the expedition].



Information / Communication Process Overview


Regarding the initial Information Meetings (at which you will be required to bring a home contact/family member), the Expedition Team will go through the organising of the expedition in particular covering health & safety measures while on the road.  Regular contact will also be made through postal/email correspondence prior to departure (to a nominated family member).  Following the day of departure, the nominated family contact will be sent a detailed letter giving details of base camp and the route overview along with contact numbers at which the Expedition Team can be contacted.


For the safety of all involved there will be regular contact between the teams and the Expedition Team Staff, details of how this will work will be discussed at the Information Meetings.  Via this regular contact during the expedition, Family members can pass on messages from home if required.  The Expedition Team will always be available to come out to teams at any time they are requested.


The Explorer Belt is not easy from a physical point of view but with plenty of preparation and training, it is an achievable goal.  It is important that family members and  Rover Scouters support the participants in every way possible through the preparation process.

By Caherdavin Scouts Posted in rovers

Registration 2012

Dear Parents

We welcome our Scouts back for another year of activity and fun. Fees for the coming year remain at €160.00. This figure includes National Registration and Insurance for the year. All Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Ventures & Rovers have to be registered with Scouting Ireland and be covered by Scouting Ireland Insurance. We are holding a Registration Night on Thursday 27th September for parents to complete the necessary Parental Consent forms and to pay the first installment of €80.00. If you are paying by cheque please make it payable to “Scouting Ireland – Caherdavin Scouts”.

Scout Leaders are volunteers and give their time freely to organise weekly meetings and all the activities that your son takes part in. Please play your part by coming to
the registration night so that Leaders do not have to spend time chasing the lads for forms etc. We understand that this could place a strain on parents in this tough economic climate so if you need to speak to us about payment please contact Des  or your sons Section Leader.

Yours in Scouting

Des Mc Keown
Group Leader

Andy’s Roverway Experience

We asked two of our Venture Scouts to record their experiences at Roverway. Here’s Andy’s report

I first heard about Roverway at Ventect last year. I thought it would be cool to see scouting at an international level. It would be my first international camp. My friends and I began fundraising for the trip in September. To be honest when the time came to head for the airport I wasn’t really excited because I thought it was going to be like every other camp I had been on. How wrong was I!

We left the grey, wet skies of Ireland for the sunny Helsinki on the 19th. We had the opening ceremony in the Olympic stadium which was fitting as London’s Olympics were going to kick off in a few days. The opening ceremony was amazing! There were scouts from all over the world. It was funny to hear different countries sing a song you know, just in a different language. After the ceremony we headed out on our paths. A path is a four day activity you take part in with your tribe (a tribe is made up of 6 patrols). In our tribe there were two Spanish patrols, one Swiss, one Portuguese, one Dutch and us (the Irish).

Our path was to experience Finnish life with the Forest Visitors. We got a bus to a forest about an hour outside Helsinki. Our leaders were really nice and always smiling. There was Pinja, Iris and Pippuri. We pitched our tents and began playing games to get to know everyone’s names. The four days we spent in the forest was so much fun. We usually got up at seven to raise the flag and then had breakfast. After breakfast we did activities like capture the flag in the woods or build a MOSS BEAR. After lunch we normally headed to the lake which was a short walk from our camp to cool off and clean ourselves. Dinner was always a hit and miss. There was salmon two nights which I didn’t eat and then we had reindeer which was delicious. It tasted like burger meat (and not like chicken which everyone was probably expecting!). My highlight of the path was on the last night when we were invested into the Forest Visitor group. We all got neckerchiefs which I am very privileged to have as Forest Visitors aren’t allowed to swap their neckers so you have to be a member to get one.

We headed for EVO the 24th. When we got there I was slightly awe stroke. It was like a little city in the woods. There was the main street which had all the cafés, shops and contingent tents. Off the main street were the sub camps and valleys. Valleys were activities you did each day and you had two valleys a day. There was Rover Momentum, Creative Corner, Forest Fun, Aqua Arena and Live Your Life. My favourite parts of EVO were the festivals at night. It was like a mini Oxygen. Everyone was packed into a field and there were people crowd surfing and going crazy. One night we had to write a message and put it in a balloon as part of Loverway. We the music started we had to throw the balloon up in the air and keep them up. It made some great photographs seeing literally thousands of balloons in the air. When the music stopped you had to pop a balloon and read the message. My message read “hey, I just met you and this is crazy, but I love you!” .

Leaving EVO was hard. We had made so many great friends and had gone through the whole Roverway journey together. We all promised to go to the next Roverway in  France and If we are lucky we might all be in the same tribe again! I think every scout, venture and rover should go to an international camp if they get the chance. It gives you a whole new perspective on scouting when you talk to scouts from around the globe. I think I am a better scout because of Roverway and can’t wait till France!

By Andy O’Carroll

Scouts/Venturers Summer Camp/Brian Boru Challange 2012

Our Scout/Venturer camp which also took in the Brian Boru Challenge took place fron Thursday July 5th to July 8th

.The first 2 days took place in Castleconnell Camp site and here we also had the scubs with us.The lads did pioneering on Friday. That evening we did an adventure skills assesment with all the Scouts and Scubs reaching level 4 in Camping.

.On Saturday the scubs went home while the rest of the Scouts & Venturers began their Brian Boru Challenge at Killaloe Water Centre(scouts).They were taken on a 2 and a half hour journey up Lough Derg to their Bivy site at Tuamgreaney where they set up there bivy site for Saturday Night.On Sunday morning they hiked back 13km to Water centre where some of the lads were invested into Venturers while on a boat on Lough Derg.The weekend finished with a quick spin on a speed boat for the lads.Well done to all involved and to Leader Barry Kennedy for organising this event and Mike O Halloran who helped out for this event.

Thanks to Terrence and TJ for getting us sorted in Castleconnell and to Kieran, Jason, Jack and all the crew at the NWAC in Killaloe. Also a big thanks to Joe for transporting the trailer, the 2 Ger’s for coming out to Castleconnell on Saturday and transporting the lads across to Killaloe.