Beaver Scout Adventure

In Beaver Scouting we play a game call “Tribe”. We use our book, memory bag and map to play this game. When we play the game we are part of a small Tribe that live in a Crannóg, which is an island fort in the middle of a lake. When we take part in games and adventures we learn new things.

We join the dots on the map to show what we learn on the our adventures and earn special stamps. When we earn six stamps we get a badge and start a new adventure. We each have our own journey and many friends in the Tribe to  help you. The Village Elders (Leaders), who are full of wisdom and knowledge, will also help you.

Three Stages of the Game


One comment on “Beaver Scout Adventure

  1. Hi there, I run a beaver colony in British Columbia, and I was wondering if you have a complete set of rules to share for this game.
    YIS Bubbles aka Kay Lannan 1st Departure Bay Beavers

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