Cillian’s Jamboree Story

23lmk-wsjThis summer one of our Scouts Cillian Hickey (along with Venture Scout Mark Graydon and Scouters Mike O’Halloran and Barry Kennedy) got to take part in the 23rd World Scout Jamboree in Japan. This is Cillian’s story of the journey.

Hi my name is Cillian Hickey and I am a scout and i have just attended the 23rd WSJ (World Scout Jamboree) in Kirara-hama Yamaguchi city Japan. It was an amazing experience and i will cherish the memories for the rest of my life. So i am a member of the Gaibhte Mor troop.we left Dublin airport at 5:45am on the 27th July and reached reached Frankfurt international airport after an hour or so. There we got a bit of food and wait for our main flight to Osaka international airport.We boarded our plane and to my luck I was beside two strangers but they were also scouts from Finland. There names were Tomi and Amelia. When we got to Osaka we got on a bus and went on a gruelling ten hour bus journey but it was air-conditioned.We then arrived on site with a warm welcome from the Irish I.S.T.

We then made our way to our site I36 and begun to pitch it.We arrived on site at about 7pm and finished putting up our site at about 11pm and went to bed. We got up the following morning at 4am to beat the heat and get breakfast and pitched the remainder of our site. It only dawned on me then that I was one of 35000 scouts here gathered to have a jamboree in unity it was truly amazing and words cannot describe the feeling at that time. Then we had free time so we went around to other sites and visited other scouts from all around the world.We got back to site where we prepared dinner but while cooking we had many visitors from all around the world come to us and socialise with us.After dinner we went to the opening ceremony and there was acts playing. The one that stuck out most to me was a traditional Japanese drumming group named Dadadan Tenko and it was fantastic.After that there was the flag ceremony where each represented country picked a member to carry out their flag.There was over a 150 different countries represented at the jamboree.We then made our way back to site where we went to bed.

We woke at 6:30 ish which was really nice compared to 4am and it was officially the first day of the jamboree.After breakfast we went to the science hub which was the base we were on. We then sat in the grass for half an hour waiting and it was very hot I cannot recall what exact temperature but it was hot. My patrol then went into the J.O.T.I J.O.T.O tent where we learned about morose code and communications. We then walked around and went to random tents learning about science in general.We then had free time until 4 so we ventured around the whole jamboree site. then we had dinner and more free time and at 11 went to bed.

The next day we were on water activities which was on a bus two hours away and thankfully our amazing Swedish neighbours informed us that it is sitting on a beach getting cooked alive so our troop decided not to go.So we spent the day adventuring around the site. The next day we were on G.D.V or global development village.In there we went to a tent about drugs first which was interesting and then we went into a tent about how jeans are made and i learned that the workers only get 1% of what the jeans are sold for. The next tent we went into was an eye opener and it was about land mines.I cannot describe in words how it influenced me but it has majorly . The next day was culture where we had to have a taste of an Irish meal and something Irish going on.So we made a stew and had traditional music playing.we then got to go around to others and experience their stuff for culture day and there was a kind of many different cultures.the next day there was mid ceremony where there was a red-bull pilot and he was fantastic. We then went to bed after the show.

The next day we had to get up at 4 again as we were going to Hiroshima. Hiroshima is a flourishing city and it is hard to believe that 70 years ago it was a wasteland as the first atomic bomb was dropped there. When i was in Hiroshima it really affected me that 70 years ago it was gone and 140000 lives with it.there was only 6 buildings left standing in a 3k radius of the blast and now one of them is a shop. Then we went into this building which told the story of the bombing and most if not all people killed in the bombing were normal people living a normal life and one day it was all taken away from them.after that we went into the museum but had to go through it quickly as we would have missed our bus if we didn’t .We then got on a bus and headed back to site and had dinner and a lot of us didn’t feel like going out tonight so we washed and went to bed as we had an early rise the next morning.

We were on community and we were going to a Japanese school. we left for our bus at 7 and got there at 7:20 where we left to go to the school which was 2 or so hours away.When we got to the school we were greeted with a massive school band which played excellently and they then showed how origami and thought us a Japanese dance. We then went to a fire station where they showed us what they do in an emergency. we then got back on the bus and went home. the next day we were on nature which wasn’t too bad it was a hike through a nature park it was nice and enjoyable.The rest of the day was free times so we went to our new friends from all around the world. the next day we were on culture so we went to a load of tents and experienced many different cultures.we spend a good 4 to 5 hours doing that. we made dinner and had more free time in the evening.

The next day we got up and dropped our tents and our site that took most of the day so after that we went to the closing ceremony which was very good and layed in line with the theme of the jamboree until the closing act which was a rock band called martin friedman. We then went back to site and slept under the stars that night. the next morning we got up and cleaned up the site and got on a bus and left.

The jamboree was truly an amazing and i will cherish it for the rest of my life.

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