Beaver Curraghchase Summer Camp 2015

Our Beavers are just back after a great weekend at Curraghchase Scout Centre.The younger beavers stayed indoors while the beavers going to cubs in September camped.
the baoys had a great time.some of the events they did wsa a giant waterslide,Fun games,Tug O war,Hide and seek,Hike to Curraghchase Forest Park.Night Hike,Campfire and Obstecle Course.
Well done to the Leaders Felim,Des Barry Catherine and Michael as well as Scout Cillian who gave up theirv time to give the boys a great time
The camp was made all the better by the great weather
The hightlight for the Beavers had to be the water flight where everyone including leaders got soaked.
The boys were presented with a Tshirt as a memory of the camp
Everyone left Curraghchase on Sunday tired but full of memories

Pictures from the Camp can be seen by clicking link below