Cub Meeting Details.

At our meeting on Tuesday night we discussed our upcoming Hike up Keeper Hill and our cub camp in Ballyhass


This event will take place on Sunday April 19th.This is a sponsored hike and any money that you collect for this event will be taken off the total of the Cub Camp in Ballyhass or the next cub event we do if your child is not attending camp.

Parents are welcome to come along on this event if they wish but we ask you to let us deal with the boys during the hike as the boys have to reach a certain standard to attain their badge.

A list of proper food for this hike will be given out about 2 weeks before the hike takes place.Also please make sure that the gear bag that the boys have for hike is not too big for them it needs to fit properly on their back otherwise they will have great difficulty completing the hike.It may be worth your while bringing the gear bag into Radar stores in Foxes Bow and getting it fixed properly on your child their.make sure you have gear in the bag when bringing it in there.

Anyone who has not got a sponsorship card can get it at the end of the St Patrick’s day Parade or at our next cub Meeting night.There is a mistake on the card which we ask you to correct.The card gives the day of the hike as a Tuesday this should be Sunday April 19th 2015

Please feel free to contact me any day after 2pm if you wish to discuss this event.


The cost of this event is €100 and as already stated above any money that you collect from Sponsored hike will be taken off this total.

Over the weekend in ballyhass the boys will partake in 6 different activities which will be run by the trained staff of Ballyhass.We will know by the end of April these 6 events as we are due to go to Ballyhass to meet the staff and pick the events that will suit the boys

This event is a camp tents only.

Again if you have  any further questions on this event you can contact me after 2pm  0872392429



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