Mark Quinn’s Everest Talk

Last week, the Scouts and Ventures were visited by Mark Quinn, the youngest Irishman to summit Mt Everest. Mark talked about how he went from complete beginner to conquering the highest mountain in the world in 741 days.

After his presentation, Mark took to the time to answer questions and show off some of the gear he used. You could hardly hear a pin drop during the talk and the scouts asked some very interesting questions.

One of Mark’s slides showed the difference in height between various mountains. At the top was Mt Everest at 8848m and at the bottom was Ben Nevis (1344m) which the scouts recently climbed. This really put the enormity of Everest into perspective for the scouts.

Thanks to Mark for taking the time to talk to our scouts. Who knows, he might have inspired some of the scouts to consider an attempt on Everest in future.



Cub Cratloe Hike/Backwoods Cooking

Our Cubs had their first Hike of the new year when we went to Cratloe this evening.We went to the sandpits up there where we had fun doing some backwoods cooking,We cooked potatoes with eggs in the middle and Bananas with chocalate.

This was the first time for a lot of the boys doing a hike with us as they either came up from Beavers or joined new in September


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Sections reopening

The following Sections return next week
BEAVERS Monday 8th September 7pm to 8-30pm
CUBS Tuesday 9th September 7pm to 8-30pm
SCOUTS & Ventures continue every Thursday 7-30pm to 9pm

Any one interested in joining up is welcome to call up to any of these nights
Beavers 6yrs to 9yrs
Cubs 9yrs to 12yrs
Scouts 12yrs to 15yrs
Ventures 15-17