Beaver Sleepover

Our Beavers had a very busy day leading into their Sleepover on Saturday Nov 30.

They began the day with a Hike to Meelick sandpit.They met at the Meelick gate and hiked into the sandpit which included going across a small stream.the boys spent about 1 hour at the sandpits and had great fun climbing up and down the sandpits.

After this it was back to the Scout hall and a walk to Bowling alley for a game of bowling followed by a kiddies meal at Super macs.

It was back to the scout hall then where another surprise awaited the boys.Santa was there when they got back and each boy met Santa and got a gift form Santa.

the boys then had the rest of the night in the Scout hall to play games and have as much fun as they could.Lights eventually went out at about 1-30am.

The boys were collected on Sunday morning by their parents after a great day and night

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All pictures of event can be found at


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