Important Cub Note

During Xmas break the Leaders got together to plan out the rest of the cub year and give you the costing of the various events we plan to do.

We felt that by doing this and giving you all the details on dates and cost that it will help you in paying for the various events on a weekly basis.

We will be taking money for all events plus the second half fees on a weekly basis from next week onwards.

Here are the events and the prices

                                                       2nd  Half Membership                                                   €80

13, 14 April                              Sleepover Curraghchase Scout Centre            €25

26th May                                 County Hike or Water Activity Day                   €30                                                                   

  June                                          Sleepover                                                                              €10 max depending on venue

4,5,6,7 July                            Group Camp   (Ruan Co Clare)                               €60 


There is an extra event for does lads that are going onto Scouts in September. This is a 20km hike which will be held March/April in County Limerick. The cost of this event will be €12.More info as soon as I have it


This year’s Cub Camp is a very special one in July. As the Group is 40 years old this year we will be holding a group camp for all ages. This is the first time in over 25 years that we have done a group camp but to celebrate the 40 years we have decide to hold a special group camp. We would very much like as many as possible to attend this camp. Many special activities are planned for this event. Our cub camp is normally 2 nights 3days but this year we are going for 3 nights 4 days. Boys who wish to only go for 2 nights may do so but it will be the same cost. The venue for Group camp is Ruan Co Clare.

We must have non-refundable deposits of €10 for Curraghchase and €20 for Group camp by Tuesday February 12th 2013.

We are also asking you the parents for this year to get the boys to march with the Group for the St Patricks day Parade. This is to help us to make it as big a group as possible to celebrate the 40 years.

Please make sure that you put any money for events into an envelope and clearly make what event you are paying for.It is important that you do this as we will be collecting for so many events.