Explorer Belt 2013

Below is the information for this year’s Explorer Belt 2013, for more information contact the National Events Team on events@scouts.ie

Date:   29 Jun – 14 July 2013

Location:   The Basque Region – Europe

Booking Code   13-NE-272

Closing Date:  7th Feb 2013

Participantion Fee € 800


The Basque region is in the western Pyrenees that spans the border between France and Spain on the Atlantic coast


The Scouting Ireland 2013 Explorer Belt will be based in The Basque Region. As well as being a physical, mental and personal challenge, the aim of the Explorer Belt is to get to know different cultures.


Members of the Expedition Team are currently revising the manual “How to get the most out of YOUR Explorer Belt”, this booklet will be distributed to all applicants following registration.


The basic elements of the Scouting Ireland 2013 Explorer Belt are as follows


1.     Ten to twelve days of traveling covering a minimum of 300km of countryside through towns and villages

2.     200km must take place by hiking, and an additional 100km may be  traveled using certified public transport

3.     Keeping a log of your journey and experiences

4.     Completing a number of compulsory projects and challenges assigned to you by the Expedition Team

5.     Living on a limited budget


The way in which you carry out these challenges is as important as completing them.


Over the course of the 2013 Explorer Belt you and your team mate must do your personal best and demonstrate that you have done so through the Scouting Method and in line with the Scout Law & Scout Promise.


The destination you will not know what area until you arrive. You will however be given further detail of the destination at the time of the Compulsory Training Weekend [Easter Weekend] (Venue will be confirmed upon receipt of applications).  Once in the country, you and your partner will have ten – twelve days to reach base camp from your drop-off point while completing the necessary elements of the challenge.


A comprehensive training programme will be provided in which you must partake [failure to partake will result in you not being permitted to take part in the expedition].



Information / Communication Process Overview


Regarding the initial Information Meetings (at which you will be required to bring a home contact/family member), the Expedition Team will go through the organising of the expedition in particular covering health & safety measures while on the road.  Regular contact will also be made through postal/email correspondence prior to departure (to a nominated family member).  Following the day of departure, the nominated family contact will be sent a detailed letter giving details of base camp and the route overview along with contact numbers at which the Expedition Team can be contacted.


For the safety of all involved there will be regular contact between the teams and the Expedition Team Staff, details of how this will work will be discussed at the Information Meetings.  Via this regular contact during the expedition, Family members can pass on messages from home if required.  The Expedition Team will always be available to come out to teams at any time they are requested.


The Explorer Belt is not easy from a physical point of view but with plenty of preparation and training, it is an achievable goal.  It is important that family members and  Rover Scouters support the participants in every way possible through the preparation process.

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