Cubs Chief Scout Awards 20km Walk

On Tuesday April 6th our 6 cubs who are doing the Chief Scout Award took part in what is probably the hardest part of the Award when they did their 20km walk.The Venue for this event was the Bernard Loop near Anglesboro Co Limerick.All the boys arrived the night before as we wanted to start out early the next day.We stayed in Anglesboro Community Hall.All the boys were briefed on the following days hike

And so onto the hike.It began at 10am and the first section of this hike was very demanding for these young lads as for 1.5 km it was straight uphill before we got to the trail itself.The Bernard trail for the main is a gradually climb uphill for 10km which is very do able for cubs before it flattens out for a bit before the long and difficult decent which is almost straight down to the end of the trail.The trail is through the forest trails that are on the mountain and some of the scenery on this walk is stunning.Our boys made light work of it and they completed it in 5 hours.The weather was very good for most ofvthe hike apart from one incredable hail shower which turned every place white.

All the boys had their tutn leading the hike and were properly kitted out fro all elements.

A big thank you to fellow Leader Ger Quigley and especially to Andy and Ashley for their great help throughtout this event.Also to Mary who had all the meals prepared for us so we only had to reheat them.

Thanks to all the parents for their great help getting the boys to and from the event

And finally a hugh congratulations to Cillian,Senan,Dean,Sean, Brendan and John on completing this challenging part of you CSA Award

Click on the Link below for pictures of this event

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