Our Scouts make headlines in Iceland

The following article was taken from MBL an Icelandic newspaper. I’ve run it through Google Translate so its a tad difficult to follow. Thanks to Rupert from the European Scout Region for bringing this to my attention – Baz

Tent flew down from the Irish tax

Irish team participating in the Winter Challenge in Iceland.enlargeIrish team participating in the Winter Challenge in Iceland. mbl.is

A group of Icelandic and Irish Scouts a youth had to pull himself up in the middle of last night when one of four hóptjalda flew down from the waterfall near the lake. However, the scouts were all ready and touched the rotation, took the tents down and went to Útilíf Center for scouts at the lake, where they received shelter.

The group consists of fifteen Irish Scouts and as many of their peers from Icelandic Scouts and youth Rescue.Ireland in this country to participate in the Winter Challenge Cream, which is held 12 to 19. February. Winter is a challenge to deal with the Icelandic winter, scores of himself and gain skills in outdoor activities. Chosen from among the applicants, but a large number were participating in this week long expedition. Irish scouts came to the country on Sunday last and the participants stayed at the lake last few days, deal with the challenges of outdoor life, working in groups, go to hópeflisleiki and set up a tent.

Today the group will walk from the lake to the old Scout pavilions at the edge of Hellisheidi, which gives teenagers the opportunity to go skiing and learn about Icelandic nature.

“It is of course a great experience for Irish teenagers to travel on Icelandic nature, but also a unique opportunity for the Icelandic teenagers get to share this experience with foreign scouts from their siblings and see the country through the eyes of Irish tax,” he said Finnbogason, project winter challenge. “There is a lot placed on cooperation and working classes,” adds Gudmundur added, “but that gives teenagers the opportunity to learn to work with others, regardless of language and nationality.”

Irish scouts go home on Sunday, but is that Icelandic Scouts go on such a movement to Ireland in the coming years.

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