Clonmacken Cub Pack Upcoming Events & Dates

Dear parents

Due to the following reasons we have decided not to take part in Jamoige in June

  1. Insufficient no.of Leaders
  2.  Only 12 boys interested in going
  3.  If we had decided to take part in JamOige we would not be able to have any other sleepovers or outings due to the high costs       involved with JamOige

The following are the Sleepovers we are doing between now and the end of May

  1. Sleepover in the Scout hall  4th February
  2. Sleepover in Curraghchase Scout House  Sat/Sun 14th/15th April       Cost €25
  3. Cup Camp Srahan Scout Centre  Roscrea    Friday to Sunday May 25th to 27th            Cost €60
Anybody who has paid a deposit for JamOige can either have the money back or if they so wish they can put it towards any of the above events.
Please let us know which events you wish your son to attend
A deposit of €5 for Curraghase sleepover is required
A deposit of €10 will be needed for Cub camp
Please contact any of the leaders about any of these events if need be