Discovery Weekend (Scouts)

This weekend the Scouts headed off to Dundrum Scout Centre in Tippery for the “Discovery Weekend”. Friday night was spent playing wide games in the forest. Saturday morning saw the patrols collect fire wood while Conor and Eoin cooked breakfast. This was followed by a session on camping skills. After lunch, the Scouts worked on their pioneering- building towers for a game of man hunt later that evening.

We then had a campfire and scouts own. Barry invested Daniel into the Troop and then presented the Discovery Award badges, the first stage of the Crean Awards (the new scout award scheme) and Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader Badges. After the campfire the group split in two. The Ventures lead the younger scouts on a hike along the forest track while Barry went with the 3 older scouts on a cross country night navigation excercise through the forest as training for the Crean Challenge.

The next morning everyone got up and clean the house before getting to try out the impressive zip line on the site.

Thanks to all the Scouts for their work this weekend and thanks to the ventures (Andy and Ashley) and leaders (Baz, Mike and Neil) for running the weekend. Thanks also to Charlie Sullivan, the warden of the site. Photos available here.

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