Broadford Cub Sleepover

Our cubs enjoyed a great weekend at Broadford Guide Center this weekend.On Friday we had 9 cubs out there as we only took the sixers and assistants out to Broadford .the reason for this is that these boys were being trained in their sixes and assistant sixer duties.

On Saturday the rest of the Cub Pack arrived.We now had 18 cubs.The boys took part in tent pitching,Biiving and compass work on Saturday  afternoon. A big thanks to the 3 Venturers Glen,Frank and Andy who looked after these bases.

Saturday evening we took the boys to Doon lake.This was followed by dinner and we finished the night by going on a night hike.

On Sunday after cleaning up the cottage the boys left for home after a busy but most enjoyable weekend.

Well done to all the Leaders who looked after the boys during the weekend

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