Dundrum Cub Camp May 2011

We had a wonderful cub camp from Friday May 27th to Sunday May 29th at Dundrum Scout Center Tipperary.We were very lucky with the weather as we really saw little or no rain.

The boys arrived on Friday evening and were straight away syrprised to see to bouncy castles up for them.Most of the lads spent most of the evening on these.We then divided the 22 boys into 4 groups 2 of which stayed in the tents the first night and the other 2 who slept indoors.These then reversed for the second night.We then held a very successful bar b que with plenty of grub fro everyone and we finished the night with a night hike.

Saturday morning after breakfast saw us take the lads on a hike around the woods of Dundrum.When the lads returned they were given  a Treasure Trail to complete in their groups.After lunch I think the boys enjoyed one of the highlights for them whem they got the chance to take on some of the leaders in a water flight.Needless to say the leaders got soaked.They also had another chance to have fun on the bouncy castles as well as a slippery slope.After this we held a fun sports and games with events such as penalty kicks,3 legged races,wheelbarrow races and many more.The evening after dinner was given to the lads to have their own freetime.Some of the boys chose to watch Munster beat Leinster and some then watched the Man Utd /Barcalona game.Others created their own fun outside.We finished the night with a campfire where we sang songs,told stories and cooked marshmellows.We finished the night with a small walk where some of the leaders got their own revenage on the boys by ambushimg them with water guns.

On Sunday morning the boys helped with the taking down of the tents and the general cleaning of the house before their parents collected them after an action packed but most enjoyable weekend.All 22 boys and 4 leaders returned very tired indeed.

Pictures of this event can be found here